I make mostly functional stoneware fired in a reduction kiln to cone 6 (about 2200 degrees.) I try to have a steady supply of two sizes of plates, bowls, mugs and platters at all times. I also usually have casseroles and chaffing dishes. These pieces are usually painted with chickens, bugs and the like. Then depending on what my muse has been up to, I make lamps, fountains, and other “engineered” pieces.

Once a year, usually in the summer, I go through a frenzy of producing terra cotta cooking pots. This happens only once a year because ordinarily I throw with a light colored clay body and the bright red of the terra cotta clay wreaks havoc in the studio. Interestingly, it is worse getting the light clay in the terra cotta than the other way around. I am working around to making my cooking pots out of a light clay body.

I also make sculptural pieces. I made masks for many years, and now I am working on bas relief pieces with glass incorporated into them. This is becoming more and more rewarding as I become familiar with what glass will and will not do.

My goal, which I understand more now than I used to, is to achieve simplicity. It is a journey past many complicated and contorted stumbling blocks.

I have often been accused of having too much fun in my studio….