November 16, 17 and 18 2018.
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This show has been a traditional holiday event for about 35 years. It has been held at Hidden Springs Farm since 1991 where each year the artists welcome their guests with an interesting selection of holiday gifts, refreshments and music in a relaxed and festive home environment. Guests are encouraged to linger, chat with the artists and the other guests, and take a walk on the farm.

There will be thirteen of us this year! Please enjoy finding out a little about us.

John Fulwood

I have been making functional pottery for over forty years and still find myself fascinated by the characteristics of clay. Although I have specific ideas about function, I believe that you have to allow the clay to have some control, some freedom of movement within the form, if you want your pots to have life. Each pot evolves gradually as I try to maintain a harmonious balance between the form and its function.

Unlike the majority of potters, I single fire to cone ten in reduction. The glazes I use are formulated and then applied in such a way as to take advantage of the flames, which are present during a reduction firing. I depend upon the caress of the flames to influence the color of each piece. These color variations add life to the pots and help make each a one-of-a-kind piece.
In my opinion, successful pots come from an equal partnership between the clay, the fire, and the potter.

Bill Hardy

I make a wide variety of items from domestic and exotic hardwoods for home and personal use. Most items are turned on a lathe or cut with a bandsaw. Products include bowls, boxes, pens, kitchen items and many tools for fiber enthusiasts.

Marilyn Harrington

As a fiber artist for more than 30 years, Marilyn Harrington creates scarves and shawls whose designs are intriguing from a distance as well as close. She is always looking for new combinations of materials, colors, and methods and this year she started exploiting the differing characteristics of weaving yarns to create beautifully textured scarves to keep you warm on the coldest of winter nights.

Her weaving is carefully planned from the first thread to the last, but her designs are free flowing and colorful. Her dyeing, however, is far more spontaneous, often exploiting the natural tendency of water to flow downhill. By creating wrinkles in the fabric, she allows nature to take over the arrangement and mixing of colors creating fabric with depth and beauty.
Marilyn teaches weaving at the Art League in Alexandria every Tuesday. She is a member of Studio Fiber Arts, the Potomac Fiber Arts Guild, the Waterford Weavers, and Complex Weavers. Her work may be found in the Workhouse Art Center, Studio 605, Lorton VA.

Foster Holcombe

Art of Fire Glassblowing Studio
7901 Hawkins Creamery Road
Laytonsville, MD 20882

Anne Jordan

Anne will be displaying a variety of copper items for the Holidays, including trees, wreaths, ornaments and other gifts.

Jill Myers

Jenny Nichols

Milk House Studio is working to connect art and conservation. Forging a clear path to conservation organizations that support wildlife, habitat and cultural conservation.

– 5% of all proceeds go to conservation organizations. Specific organizations highlighted in text by print and are featured on the back of each greeting card.

– What things are made of and where it comes from are important! All prints printed on 100% post consumer waste paper with plant based dyes

Laura Nichols

Laura makes homemade pots for every day use. She decorates her pots with brush painted versions of the birds and animals on the farm.

Krista Schlyer

Krista Schlyer is a photographer and writer who tells visual stories of wildlife and ecosystems from Washington DC to the US-Mexico borderlands. She is the author of three books, including her newest release River of Redemption: Almanac of Life on the Anacostia, which will hit the stores November 5.

Rosemary Stokes

Rosemary looks forward to showing you her new designs!