November 17, 18 and 19 2017.
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This show has been a traditional holiday event for about 30 years. It has been held at Hidden Springs Farm since 1991 where each year the artists welcome their guests with an interesting selection of holiday gifts, refreshments and music in a relaxed and festive home environment. Guests are encouraged to linger, chat with the artists and the other guests, and take a walk on the farm.

There will be fifteen of us this year! Please enjoy finding out a little about us.

Krista Adams Potter/ Candlemaker
Anna Brones Author/Paper cut-outs
Cher Oregon Cheese Maker
John Fulwood Potter
Sally Groom Card maker
Bill Hardy Wood Turner
Marilyn Harrington Weaver/dyer Marilyn Harrington
Foster Holcombe Glass Artist
David Hughes Rustic Furniture
Melinda Oak Lane Soap Works
Begona Morton Painter
Jenny Nichols Ink and Watercolor
Laura Nichols Potter
Rosemary Stokes Jeweler Rosemary Stokes
Eric Zieg Blacksmith Eric at work