Welcome to Pig Pen Pottery

 Hello, welcome to Pig Pen Pottery, I make functional stoneware pieces for the kitchen and the table, stoneware lamps, fountains and masks. The stoneware is fired in a reduction gas kiln. Seasonally, I work in Raku, pit firing, saggar firing, and alcohol reduction.

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The mug is a common piece of pottery, easy to pick up as a souvenir, does not have to match the couch, but simple in design? Not at all.

A mug is complex and highly personal. When you use a mug, do you hold it with two fingers, or are you a whole hand person? Do you drink your coffee quickly, or do you prefer a thick mug that will hold the heat longer? Are you trying to quit and so you need a small mug? When you drink from a mug, is the rim generous, or does it fight you for your tea, or does it get ahead of you and dribble on your shirt?  And that is just the beginning. You still have the surface decoration to ponder.

The potter takes all this into consideration when creating an ordinary mug.

Short Film about trying to keep things simple: Veering Towards Simplicity
By: Pongo Media Productions